• Do you accept tax exemptions?
    Yes. If your school or organization is tax exempt, please email your tax exemption certificate and purchase order to info@owlsnestresources.com. You will then be invoiced for the purchased product.
  • Do you accept purchase orders?
    Yes. If you would like to purchase a product with a purchase order, please email the purchase order to info@owlsnestresources.com. You will then be sent an invoice for the purchased product.
  • My school wants to add you as a vendor, what is the billing information?
    The Owl’s Nest for Ag Ed, LLC.
    10570 Wright-Puthoff Road | Sidney, OH 45364
    If your school or organization needs a W-9 Form, email info@owlsnestresources.com.


  • What grade level is the Intro to AFNR curriculum developed for?
    The Introduction to AFNR curriculum is developed to be the first full year course students enroll in through your program. The content can be scaffolded to students grades 8-10.
  • What is the difference between a course, unit and lesson?
    The difference is length, the Introduction to AFNR Course contains 12 units, and each unit contains 5-19 lessons based on 45-minute class periods. Select lessons can be purchased individually.
  • Are you developing any additional resources?
  • The Owl’s Nest intends to develop additional resources in Animal Science and Plant Science, as well as CDE/LDE and FFA resources in the future.
  • Can any of the resources be edited?
    You will receive the purchased product in a pdf file. All Google slides included in the product can be edited via the links in the instructor guides. A few student handouts have editing access through Google docs. All other resources will be a pdf and cannot be edited unless you have a pdf editing software.
  • Can I share these resources with colleagues?
    No. All instructor guides, instructor resources, student handouts, images and materials contained in these products are the property of The Owl’s Nest for Ag Ed, LLC. and are protected by federal law. It is illegal to share, distribute, sell or post the files, photos or pages online.
    By protecting The Owl’s Nest’s intellectual property, we can continue to provide you and your students with high quality and innovative curriculum while making your job as an agriculture teacher easier.


  • How will I receive my resources?
    If you are purchasing the resources with a credit card, you will be instantly emailed the digital download. You may also download any curriculum you purchased from The Owl's Nest in your account under "order history."
    If you are using a purchase order, you will be emailed the digital download after a copy of your purchase order is emailed to info@owlsnestresources.com.