Paying for the POA

So your students have come up with some great activities at your officer retreat!

They spent the whole first semester making a great plan for the activities.

They have met in their committees, made a supply list, and created a budget.

But this year’s fundraising did not go well! You can’t afford to do these activities but know it’s going to CRUSH your students if you tell them all their planning and innovative ideas were for nothing!


YES! National FFA provides Year-Long (opens in April), Spring Semester (opens in December), Fall Semester (opens in August) and Day of Service Mini Grants (due the first of every month)!

These grants vary from $400 to $3,000 and can be used to focus on community safety, hunger, health and nutrition, environmental responsibility, and community engagement.

Over the nine years I was in the classroom, my chapter received over $10,000 in funding from Living to Serve Grants!

These grants helped fund a school-wide recycling program, programs with the animal shelter, a lunch nutrition program, capital improvements at a local park and winter safety kits for teen drivers. 

Not that we wouldn’t have done these activities without the funding, but we wouldn’t have added the extra components of the activity which allowed the chapter to be recognized as a Top 10 Chapter in Ohio eight times or a Model of Excellence or Premier Chapter at the national level three times. 

These grants can easily be written by an officer or committee chair and can be completed fairly quickly and easily. Check out an example Living to Serve Grant one of my previous students filled out here and visit to start your application today!