From poo to profit - A new fundraiser

Need a new fundraiser? Getting bored of the same fruit sale? Cheese sale? Silent auction?

The list goes on and on.

Agriculture teachers may be the most creative educators when it comes to fundraising…and we need to be. Between conventions, camps, judging trips and scholarships, agriculture teachers and FFA advisors need to be able to fund the immense amount of opportunities it provides for its members!

But have you ever thought about getting paid to watch livestock go “poo”?


Cow Patty BINGO was a fundraiser my chapter conducted every summer at our community’s summer festival, and it couldn’t be easier to coordinate! In fact, this fundraiser was one that was 100% facilitated by students  because of the simplicity of the event.

To get started, you need to print tickets and determine the number of “boards”, as well as the profit you want to make on each “board”. The first year, my students wanted to sell the tickets for $20 and wanted to make $1,000 in profit, so they sold 100 tickets (or one “board”). 

Here is a copy of the Ticket Template my students used and the Logo Template for the tickets.

The officer team numbered the tickets and distributed them to FFA members who were willing to sell them . Tickets and money were turned back into the officers before the end of the school year, and any unsold tickets were sold the day of the summer festival.

A “board” was created with snow fence, and the officers created a 100-square grid with line paint from the baseball team. 

A “master board” was created on a posterboard, and each ticket was randomly assigned to a square.

The last step was to release the cow - it is recommended to use a young bottle calf instead of a student’s feeder calf…learned from experience!

The first square where the calf does its business, is the winner of half the ticket revenue!

Super simple and could be scaled up or down based on the attendance at your event. A different animal could be used if a calf cannot be sourced. Good luck, and reach out at if you have questions about implementing this event into your POA!