SAE visit pre-work

I’ve almost made it! Summer is just around the corner and I’m so ready to be DONE!

We have our sights focused on getting to summer break and we forget that our jobs are often a year-round role.

Fast forward a few months…I begin to schedule SAE visits and after about 50 calls and texts, I have all of my summer SAE visits scheduled.

We’ve all been there! 

After doing this a few summers early in my teaching career, I began passing out a Summertime SAE Visit Questionnaire to all of my students the last week of school. This questionnaire had:

  • Contact information

  • An overview of the SAE

  • Future plans for the SAE and Ag Ed enrollment

  • The address of the SAE along with a map (our district had bad cell service)

  • And an ideal timeline for visit in the summer and during the day

I then went through and created a priority list of which students would receive a SAE visit. In an ideal world, I would have done a SAE visit with every student but with 125+ students in a one teacher program this would have never been possible.

This method also allowed me to create a draft schedule of the visits so I could group students in a similar region of the district during the same time so I wouldn’t waste precious time driving the nearly 20 minutes from one side of the district to the other. 

I then sent this draft out to students two weeks before so if there were changes in their schedule I could alter the schedule.

I would bring these questionnaires with me to the visit and it allowed me a quick snap shot into their SAE projects and their goals for improving their SAE.

Grab a copy of the Summertime SAE Visit Questionnaire HERE and start saving time and energy when scheduling your summer SAE visits.