Using asana to manage your POA

Raise your hand if this sounds like your students?


“We forgot to order donuts for tomorrow’s meeting…who was in charge of that?”

“Hey Mr./Mrs _____ what do I need to do next to get ready for the banquet?

“I forgot the Living to Serve grant was due yesterday - why didn’t you remind me?”


Is this your officer team?

This was ME. Constantly reminding. Constantly writing a to-do list. Constantly frustrated.

Then I was introduced to ASANA, a work management platform that allowed me to take back control of my officer team and my sanity…and did I mention there is a FREE version?


So what makes Asana so great? 

Asana allows you to add your entire officer team onto one team, and then create projects for each activity within your POA. It allows you to create tasks within a project to break down the activity even more. You then assign students tasks with a due date and Asana will notify the student of their tasks and due dates as it approaches.


Need students to know where to find documents? Asana can do that too!

Asana aligns well with Google Drive and allows you to attach Google docs to tasks so students can easily find the document in one location, and are not searching through countless Google folders or asking you where something is while you are teaching or working on something else.

Need more convincing?!

Asana allows students to ask a question and tag a team member right in the software, so all communication is in one location, allowing students who you do not see every day to still be in the loop and contribute to the event.

 It gets better!

Projects can be saved from year to year! YES - YEAR TO YEAR! So no more reinventing the wheel on an activity you did last year! Just reactivate the tasks, reset the due dates and reassign tasks to current team members.

It really is a life saver! I went from micromanaging my officer team to having them create the projects and tasks and then me approving them before they ran with the event. I’m telling you - DO IT! This way of facilitating my officer team and POA really did produce results - national top 10 stage three times and the top chapter in Ohio three times.

 Check out this General Asana Best Practices to figure out how I piloted the software with my students and start using this timesaving tool this coming school year!