Take control of the narrative

Whether you are a first year teacher going into your first classroom or a veteran teacher completing their 30th year in education, you are going to encounter individuals in your state or community who are not aware of the opportunities that are currently available in agriculture education.

And some of the individuals who are aware of FFA still probably refer to it as Future Farmers of America and have a slightly outdated version of “vocational agriculture” in their minds. 

One way I shared the 3-circle model of agriculture education with my stakeholders was through a simple brochure that quickly explained the importance of agriculture education through the classroom, FFA and SAEs.

I used this brochure at the beginning of the year at my Freshmen Orientation Night, during our FFA Recruitment Week and when I sent letters to businesses to secure placement sites for students’ SAEs. 

This brochure provided:

  1. an overview of the 3-circle model

  2. the classes taught

  3. achievements in students’ SAEs and FFA

  4. and my contact information

 By TAKING CONTROL OF THE NARRATIVE I shared with my stakeholders, I was able to change our supporters' viewpoint of agriculture education and FFA to reflect what was important to my school and program.

Grab a copy of the Agriculture Education Brochure I used HERE and start controlling the narrative of your program this school year!