Gamify your content

I am a HUGE game person!

Whether it is a board game or card game, I love trying to figure out the strategy behind the game!

Naturally, when I was in the classroom, this love for games was transparent in my curriculum. Many of the review games or competitive activities I incorporated into lessons were based on some sort of game I loved to play growing up.

And guess what? My students also loved these interactive games! I always said if I can teach you something without you realizing you are learning, I did my job as an educator!

When designing the curriculum published by The Owl’s Nest, I incorporated many of these gamified activities into the lessons offered. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. FFA Digital Escape Room - In the FFA Unit, students will review content from the FFA unit through a digital escape room where they will have to solve a series of clues and puzzles to “escape” within the allotted 30 minutes. Students are required to use critical thinking and apply their knowledge from the unit to fun interactive riddles/puzzles.

  2. SWAT That Motion - In the Parliamentary Procedure Unit, students will review the different motions involved in parliamentary procedure by going head-to-head at the board with a fly swatter. The first one to swat the correct motion wins!

  3. Biotech Game Night - In the Biotechnology Unit, students review the main concepts of the unit by playing different childhood favorite board games (Candyland, Sorry, Trouble, etc.). Students have to correctly answer one of the biotechnology unit questions to complete their turn in the game.

  4. Barnyard Battleship - In the Introduction to Animal Science Unit, students compete against another student in a modified battleship game to learn external anatomy. Students must try to guess the different external parts to “hit” their opponent’s locations.

  5. Biosecurity Charades - In the Animal Health Unit, students compete against their classmates in Biosecurity Charades. Students must act out a biosecurity best management practice before time runs out!


By removing much of the “lecture” style teaching out of my curriculum, and focusing on methods for engaging students in the content through creative and innovative lessons, I found my students' interest in the content increased, which increased retention and comprehension. 

Want to incorporate these hands-on, engaging lessons from the Introduction to AFNR 170-day curriculum into your own classroom? Check it out HERE and begin GAMIFYING YOUR CONTENT this school year!