Escape the back to school blues

Although there was excitement for the beginning of the school year - meeting new students, reuniting with colleagues and returning to a routine - it was also met with the monotony of the first couple days of school.

Between rules and expectations, classroom routines, safety drills and ALL THE PAPERWORK, I always felt like a broken record for the first couple days of school. There was no excitement, no fire, no passion in those days.

But what if I told you there were ways to go over all of the boring back to school topics while keeping students’ attention, developing critical thinking skills and returning to school as an educator with the excitement your students are used to seeing? 

My last couple years of teaching, I began starting my school year with a Rules and Expectations Digital Escape Room. For those who use our curriculum, you know my excitement for this learning tool to guide students through the content.

So how did I do it?

This escape room is a little different than the ones included in the Introduction to AFNR curriculum because all of the clues and information students need to “escape” were hidden around my classroom and shop. Students were required to read the challenges within the Google form and then had to explore the classroom and shop to find the clues/codes necessary, all while learning about the beginning of the school year important information.

This particular escape room covered:

  • Classroom Routines

  • Safety Drills

  • The Syllabus

  • And Fun FFA Trivia

Check out how I did it below and start implementing this engaging tool in your classroom this fall! Reach out at with any questions.