Celebrate you. Celebrate students.

As you reflect on 2023 as a FFA advisor and agriculture teacher…

Was it a year of CELEBRATING achievements?

Or a year of CELEBRATING growth?

No matter what type of year you experienced, it should be CELEBRATED!

And just like you should be CELEBRATED, so should your students!

So how do you celebrate your students?

Here are a few of my methods for celebrating students’ accomplishments:

FFA HALL OF FAME - I wanted a way to celebrate students’ accomplishments at the state and national level. I worked with a local designer and print shop to design and construct a hall of fame display to go in the hallway outside of my department. It displayed State and American Degree recipients and any student or chapter accomplishment at the national level. 

CDE BANNERS - In the same hallway, I displayed CDE banners so students walking the halls could see the accomplishments. I also had a local embroidery shop add the names of the students on the state performing team to increase recognition. 

CDE POSTERS - Any time an individual or team was competing at the state or national level, I had our chapter reporter create posters in Canva to wish them good luck in the upcoming competition. Our school had a poster printer which made it easier to print. Students enjoyed seeing their faces displayed around the school and it got them excited for the contest. Here are the templates I used: TEMPLATE 1, TEMPLATE 2.

SENIOR POSTERS - Just like athletics recognize seniors, our FFA chapter would recognize senior FFA members by displaying these Senior Posters in the hallway outside of our department. 

Read other ways to highlight FFA members in the Put FFA in the Limelight blog.

How are you going to celebrate YOU and your STUDENTS this year?