American education week

Nobody goes into education for the thank you…but that doesn’t mean it isn’t appreciated!

Did you know American Education Week is coming up November 13 - 17?

Does your school or FFA chapter conduct any programming to thank those involved in your school district?

My previous FFA chapter began implementing an American Education Week event in 2020 to provide teachers and school staff members with a week-long celebration to thank them for their service when education was extremely difficult due to COVID. 

It was so well received by teachers and school staff who are not used to being celebrated that my officers decided to add it into their POA and National Chapter application each year. 

Here are some of my favorite components students used to celebrate those in education:

  1. THANK YOU LETTERS - At the beginning of the week, FFA officers placed these Thank You Letters in teachers’ mailboxes introducing the activity and thanking them for all they do for students.

  2. SIGNS OUTSIDE OF CLASSROOMS - Students displayed signs of affirmation outside of teachers’ classrooms to show them our appreciation for everything they do for our students and FFA chapter. Check out the templates: Template 1, Template 2, Template 3, Template 4, Template 5, Template 6, Template 7, Template 8, Template 9.

  3. LETTERS TO FAVORITE TEACHERS - 100% of FFA members wrote letters to their favorite teacher. Students and teachers really enjoyed this component because often students wrote about the impact one of their primary teachers had on them. Officers then organized (and reviewed for kindness) these letters, and then placed them in teachers’ mailboxes. Here is the Letter Template we used. 

  4. MOBILE COFFEE TRAILER - The FFA chapter hired a mobile coffee trailer to have coffee in the parking lot waiting for teachers as they arrived to school. FFA officers traveled to each classroom during first period as well to take orders for teachers who didn’t have time to grab a coffee as they arrived.

  5. FRUIT IN THE LOBBY - Students placed fruit and snacks in the teacher workrooms so they could grab a quick snack in between periods. FFA officers placed this table tent sign in front of these snacks to thank teachers as well.

  6. GIFT BAGS - FFA officers provided each teacher with a gift bag to show them our appreciation. These gift bags had a thank you note, pens, post-it notes, a FFA water bottle, candy, hand sanitizer and other small goodies the officers thought would bring a smile to teachers’ faces.


These simple acts of appreciation and celebration truly made the teachers and staff in our school feel special! Demonstrating this mutual respect and appreciation to others within your building creates meaningful relationships with other educators which will make it easier when you ask to borrow supplies from the science teacher, use the PE teacher’s gym or ask a coach to excuse a student from practice for a CDE/LDE or FFA trip. 

Good luck with implementing this activity this American Education Week and do not hesitate to reach out to us at with questions!